Atwoods Weekly Ad, Circulars & Flyers (Dec.2022)

About Atwoods

Atwoods is a supply company located in Enid, Oklahoma, and deals in a wide range of farm and ranch equipment. Atwoods has several stores that are located in five and these are Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Most of their stores are, however, found in the state of Oklahoma. Whereas farm and ranch equipment form the majority of their operations, Atwoods also deals in clothing, hardware, and automotive tools, lawn, and gardening equipment, pet supplies, and firearms. They also stock up on some seasonal items when the seasons are near. Atwoods was started in 19060 in Oklahoma, and it is here that the headquarters are also found.

Even today, Atwoods remains to be a store that is owned and operated by family. The store intends to have an upward trajectory in the number of stores that they are going to own in the coming years. Atwoods deals in a wide range of products that have been designed to allow their shoppers to save with discounted prices. With Atwoods at the forefront of the retail industry that deals with farm products, they are mainly located in the upcountry states, and they have also diversified to those rural areas.

About Atwoods weekly ad

Atwoods will have a weekly ad section where they will show their shoppers the many items that they are going to sell at discounted prices. The weekly ads can be updated every week or every two weeks, and mostly, these dates will be shown when you go to the weekly flyer section.

If you do wish to view the weekly ad, you need to go to the Atwoods website, and this is going to guide you to select your most preferred store. It is recommended that you use your ZIP code to find stores because it will direct you to several stores that you can easily access. However, you do not need to worry about the offers being different because Atwoods will maintain a similarity in most of the products.

If you pick a specific store and you still want to view offers on another one, you can simply choose at the top of the weekly ad on the icon ‘change store'. To choose the products that you would wish to purchase, you can scroll through the pages from left to right, and this will show you every offer and every product. If you wish to go through these pages even faster, there is the option for the shopper to view the products according to categories, and this allows them only to view the items they are interested in.

When you have located a given product that you may be interested in, you can tap on its image, and they will give you a better view of the offer and the image. You should know that the products in the weekly ad may vary, and this is according to brand features and more. If you have opened the pop-up window that shows you a different item other than the ad, you should always note that the weekly circular is what needs to be followed.

However, such a case rarely happens. If you are not sure about how you can use the weekly ads, there is a help section that will offer you more guidance. Besides, the store will give you a look at the price of an item when you tap on that item and create a pop-up. If you are a keen Atwoods shopper, you will also note that in the weekly ad, they will give you a few pointers on more offers.

Atwoods weekly ads previews

The Atwoods weekly ads will also show you a few previews that will indicate which offers you should look forward to in the new week that will follow. You should be guaranteed that a weekly preview is going to assist you to save, and the reason is that you will always have enough time to prepare for those items you want to buy. A preview will always come in handy, especially when you want to make a budget that will indicate maximum savings.

You should always be ready to go forward with a preview because they will rarely make any changes to the indicated offers. Instead, they will allow you to check out the preview items and then the offer, and in the coming week, you are going to find an item listed exactly as it is. You should always look for such previews at the website, and if they are not posted there, check other websites that may have records of the same.

You should always expect that working with a weekly ad preview because you need to go through all the pages as you find the products you want as well as their offers at the Atwood flyer preview.

Atwoods farm and ranch ads

Those customers who have farms and ranches will also greatly benefit from the farm and ranch ads at the Atwoods website; farm and ranch products are those that can be used for taking care of the farms and animals. In as much as items are scattered all over the flyer, you can pinpoint a specific item in the Ad. You can do this by looking at the titles that have been labeled throughout the flyer.

It would help if you were willing to learn more about every item through their various specs. To do this, take your cursor to any product ad click so that a new pop up will display on the screen with the details of that item. Shoppers need to be keen so that the details n the circular will correspond to those in the pop-up window. Farm and ranch products in a weekly ad are renewed after a set period.

Atwoods clothing ads

One of the items that you can save big when you purchase at Atwoods is clothing and footwear. Clothing and footwear products in the weekly ad will mostly correspond with seasons, and this means that customers will most likely get all the items that they want urgently at a great offer amount.

You should never get clothing from the flyer before you read the product details that Atwoods has indicated.

Such details will show you the size of the clothing or footwear and the colors for the same. You will realize that every item's price is highlighted at the side in a very clear font so that a shopper can notice it easily. You will also observe that the clothing and footwear ads have been grouped into the different brand names so that the shopper has an easy time finding their products. Clothing Ads at Atwoods include all ages, genders, and styles.

Atwoods tool ads

The next important item that you should look for in the weekly flyer is the different types of tools and automotive repair products. Tools here are available for those who want to do their repair work and those that do professional repair work.

Saving on these tool products can be quite easy because the new price has been written in a very visible font at the side of that product. You will also find tools that have been provided with their respective brand names, and these are followed by the amount you are going to save. If there are new tools at the store that Atwoods would wish for their shoppers to explore, they are going to list these under their title.

If you wish to see a comprehensive detail on every tool, be careful to click on it and then read the information from the pop-up window.

Atwoods pet food and supplies ads

You should also know that at Atwoods, all the needs of your pet are going to be well catered for. This is guaranteed in the weekly ad pages that are going to contain the pet food and supplies. You should know that pet food and supplies in the Atwoods ads would include all kinds of products for all pets in your home and farm. They will show you some offers available on an everyday basis, and these will come with an offer so good that you will always be willing to purchase.

Even if the circular pages still indicate some details on every pet food and supplies products, you should be ready to tap on it so that these details can be written in a larger and clearer font so that it is easy for you to read. Know that pet food and supplies will always be updated, and they will almost be the same in all stores.

Atwoods Black Friday ads

Black Friday ads from Atwoods are available every Friday during the Black Friday month. Atwoods will use this annual event to give its shoppers a thanksgiving offer that they will always enjoy as the store appreciates them for their loyalty.

As Black Friday comes, you should note that Atwoods would always advertise their information at the store and the website. Such information will be vital as it will assist you to save on a huge number of products. You should know that Atwoods Black Friday only comes once in a year, so be ready to save when you can.

Atwoods weekly printable coupons

Coupons from Atwoods are also the other majestic way that you can always walk out of the Atwoods store will more after spending less. You should know that these coupons are very easy to print out because they have the available option for this.

If you want to print out, make sure that you can read all the details on the coupon paper. You should also compare the details on the paper after you have printed it out and what is on the website and make sure that it is 100% similar and accurate. Atwoods is always posting such coupons on its website.

Atwoods hours

Most Atwoods stores are open from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, and most of these stores will always open at shorter hours on Sunday. These hours are very flexible because you can always shop mostly during the day and even after your workday is over.

Atwoods will list their store locations on the website, and they are going to show the times of operation in the ad as well. You should know that if there is any change in these hours during the holidays or any other special event, they will post this on their website.

Atwoods shopping tips

  • Use the weekly ad flyer from Atwoods if you want to know just how much more you can save each week on a wide range of products for the farm, ranch, and the household.
  • Use the coupons at the website, and you will know how you can redeem all the offers here to get a wide range of products for much less than they are sold
  • It would help if you went to the store in the early morning hours because this is the time where there are fewer people at the store, and you will have an easy time shopping

What is unique about Atwoods?

Atwoods was opened in the winter season of 1960, and it was started by two founders who moved from Minnesota to Oklahoma. When the first Atwoods store was opened, it was to serve local people with a variety of farm and ranch products at a price that is better than that that is found in other stores. These founders worked to make sure that their shoppers are getting something unique other than what they can normally find in other stores.

With a family-friendly atmosphere, Atwoods can attract and maintain a lot of shoppers, and these are responsible for the ever-growing sales of this enterprise. To this end, Atwoods maintains that their stores are designed in a neighborly manner, and this creates a familiar and comfortable feeling to their shoppers. Atwoods has still maintained its running because they remain to be a family operated store.

In addition to this, they have also diversified on what they offer to their shoppers such that they are selling products that shoppers want and use. Even with their rapid growth over the years, Atwoods has still maintained its commitment and values to its shoppers to make them have an incredible shopping experience.