Autozone Weekly Ad, Circulars & Flyers (Dec.2022)

About AutoZone

Autozone is an American retail company that deals in automotive parts and accessories. The store is classified as the largest automotive parts retailer in the United States. In July 1979, the first Autozone store was founded in Memphis.

On the first day when the store was opened, the sales amounted to $300. This humble beginning is what bore fruit to the current store that has a wide reach of customers and a very large product base. As a public company, Autozone is traded at the NYSE. Autozone has more than 6300 stores in different states in the US. They also have stores in Brazil and Mexico. Every state in the US has several Autozone store locations.

They also are well praised for having any kind of automotive accessory that any shopper may be looking for. As a dealer for automotive parts, some of the products that you will find here include auto parts, interior and exterior accessories, tools, chemicals, performance services, and more. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, Autozone takes an extra step in guaranteeing that they provide the best customer service to their customers. Via the website, Autozone offers online shopping and delivery of auto parts and accessories.

Autozone weekly Ad

Autozone weekly ads are popularly known as local store ads. These ads are named this way because they come uniquely differentiated as per the different stores. As a customer using this Ad, you are given the option to select a store.

You will enter the name of the city, state, or ZIP code. When you enter the name of a city-state, you will get a huge list of stores located there, and you will, thereafter, identify the one that you can easily access.

However, if you have the ZIP code of your location, you will be more specific with the search result because it will directly lead you to stores near you. Weekly ads at Autozone are arranged in landscape mode.

You will have to scroll side to side on the page to discover new items that lie here. The landscape format is very effective to the shoppers who only want a quick scan of the ad to discover if there is something interesting.

For shoppers who come here knowing what they want, there is also a category section where they will search through the ad using the name of a product or any other keyword. When you touch or click each product listed on the page, you will be amazed at a whole new page that opens to redirect you to an even better view. This page contains more notes on the item you have selected.

These notes will show you not only the title of that product but also any additional information that they believe will be useful to you. By selecting a product, you will also have two options. Either you can buy it instantly from the ad and through the site, or you can add it to your list and then buy it from the store. An online purchase is recommended if you cannot find time to visit the store while an in-store purchase is better because it can give you even more offers.

To make the deal even sweeter, they will provide you with directions to the nearest store, and this is useful to those in the store. For every item a customer adds to their shopping list, they can choose either to print it or to email the list to themselves. This creates an easy retrieval process for those shoppers who do not want to purchase online but rather go physically to the store.

Autozone weekly ad previews

Autozone weekly ad previews can be very hard to differentiate from the weekly ad, and the reason for this is that they actually resemble each other. Whereas these previews can be found on the website, there are also other online sites where they can also be found. A preview is not known by a lot of shoppers because they are only available on specific days.

After those days, that preview will be taken away from the website, and this is why these ads are not available most of the time. However, some other online sites will save them for you so that you can get to view it at your convenience. Whereas weekly ads come with the option of purchasing products, the weekly previews do not. They only allow you to develop a list that you can later print out and use to shop.

Autozone weekly ad previews come weekly, and they only take a few days after which they are later reposted, but this time as a live weekly Ad. On the weekly preview, you will find a number of automotive products and accessories with offers that are going to be promised to you shortly in the upcoming weeks.

Autozone oil and fillers ads

Oil and fillers are the first listed products that you will identify in the weekly local store Ad. These products are convenient for shoppers who want to service their vehicles and make them function better. Despite the brand or variety that you may be searching for, you can get assurance that you will at least get an item that you want.

In the categories segment, they will make it possible for a customer to know more about each item. The store will give you that product's name and some more specs about it. The price of a product is also noted down next to it, and dates to show the ad for that product will be valid from this day to this day is also indicated at the bottom part of the Ad. If you are purchasing through the website, you can simply do so by clicking the ‘Buy Now' icon that is given.

Autozone auto parts ads

Auto parts are also highly expressed in the Autozone local store ads. Since some stores may have different auto parts available, you can cross-check some two or three of your favorite stores in a bid to enjoy the best offer for the most superior product.

Since auto parts depend heavily on specs and more details, they will reward you with these as well. On the page, you can select an image, and this will enhance it for a better view. This will help every customer interested in that item to know what it looks like, and he or she can even make a decision based on that image. If an auto part depends heavily on size and shapes, it will also provide these. If you are satisfied with an auto part, you can either add it to your shopping list for the purposes of buying later, or you can purchase it right away.

Autozone automotive tool ads

At your local store ads, you will also find that there are a few automotive tools indicated here. Some of these tools will include spanners, wrenches, jacks, and more. They are useful to not only mechanics and repair stores but also to those customers who like having a tool that they can use any time they want to repair their vehicle by themselves.

Automotive tools can be complicated to sell because they may vary with the type of car and the needs of a shopper. To mitigate this complication, they will give a price range for those items that come at different prices and then give you a constant amount that you will save despite your choice.

There are those automotive tools that you can buy from the website, and then there are those that you will have to go to the store and buy. These two choices are also provided.

Autozone digital ads

To increase the attention of their customers towards the many ways that they can continue to save here, Autozone gives digital ads on their website. Unlike the other ads that are more specific to product categories, digital ads are general. What this means is that you can find almost any product here in the digital ads. They are going to show you just how much you are losing on if you are not a shopper here.

As an initiative towards online marketing, digital ads mainly draw in new shoppers who have never shopped via the website. They are also time-saving because you will not have to go looking for them in specific web segments. Rather, you can come across them on any website page. An example of a digital ad that you may find here is that which will direct you to another page or place where you can discover an offer.

Autozone Black Friday Ads

When looking for the greatest discounts, you should be on the lookout for Black Friday ads. At Autozone, you will get everything you need for your vehicle, and on Black Friday, you will get even more of these products at even lesser prices.

In the past years, shoppers have enjoyed discounts that are mainly of 20% off and incredible gift cards by using a given promo code. The more a shopper gets to spend during Black Friday, the greater the discounts they will enjoy. Some offers you find on the website will also be available in any of the Autozone stores.

Autozone weekly printable coupons

If you want to save on your order, use the Autozone weekly printable coupons when you have the chance to. Autozone coupons will ensure your car continues to run at a reduced cost. On the page that showcases these coupons, you can search for the deal you are interested in. For every coupon here, it comes with the name and a short description to show you more of that product.

On each coupon, you will be shown the date when it is going to expire and become invalid. While most of the coupons are available to every customer, there are those which are exclusive.

Autozone hours

At the Autozone website, you can get details on the hours when they mainly operate. The section of the website where you can get these hours is at the store finder that assists you to search for locations and view the hours for the stores.

Gauging from the hours provided here, one can conclude that their major hours are from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. During these hours, they do not only sell products at their stores but also offer services that you may need for your car. In the section that shows you the hours, you can also find more about the contact details.

Shopping tips at Autozone

  • Go through the blog section on the Autozone website, and this will give you information about tips on how you can manage your car better
  • Watch out for the weekly local store ad, which carries discounts on a huge number of automotive parts and accessories. These Ads will always assist customers in maximizing savings
  • Grab coupons whenever you can and always use these at the time you are purchasing at the store and even at the website
  • Inquire about the free online services that Autozone will offer such as testing your battery, installing wiper blades, etc

What is unique about Autozone?

In the past 39 years, Autozone has made a commitment to their shoppers to offer them the best automotive parts, low costs, and the best customer service. This store is under the Aftermarket industry, which deals in selling the extra parts that are needed for vehicle servicing.

Autozone prides itself on taking an extra step to meet the expectations of its customers and the community. Autozone employees offer one of the best customer services. Their staff is commonly known as “Autozoners,” and by associating themselves with the company, they develop custom made solutions through superior products targeted to fulfill the needs of customers.

When Autozone's first store was launched, they used to carry the name ‘Autoshack.' In 1987, the name was now changed to Autozone, and their expansion has mainly been done through this name. In 1996, Autozone was listed at the New York Stock Exchange, and it hence became a public limited company. They later acquired ALLDATA, which offers the best diagnostics for automotives, and this strategy greatly aligned with their products and thereby increased sales and growth. Currently, Autozone is the largest automotive parts and accessories retailer in the US. They also have operations in four other continents.