Dollar General Weekly Ad, Circulars & Flyers (Dec.2022)

About Dollar General

Dollar General Corporation is a chain of variety stores in the United States that was started in 1939. At the time of its inception, this store was family-owned, and it went by the name J.L. Turner and Son. Its first store was located in Scottsville, Kentucky. It was not later until 1955 that the name of this store was changed to what it is now called Dollar General. In 1968, the store had its first IPO at the New York Stock Exchange.

One of the most remarkable things about this store is the fact that it has become one of the best stores that are located in the countryside. This has set them apart from their competitors who are located in the urban areas. As of 2019, this store has total revenues of $27 billion owing to its huge customer base in the region. The latest statistics have revealed that this store operates more than 16278 stores in the country. This store is known as a retailer when it comes to the manner in which they sell their products. They are also known because of the hefty discounts that they offer on their wide pool of products they sell.

Dollar General weekly ad

Just like most of the stores that are located in the United States, Dollar General makes sure that they give their shoppers an opportunity in which they can enjoy great deals and offers. To this, they distribute weekly Ad circulars that will make sure that each item that you want to buy will have a price that has been lowered to what will help you to achieve great savings. From the very first pages of the weekly Ad, you will find that the dates from when the Ad will be live and the date when it will expire have been indicated.

The reason for this is that there are very many websites that also make these Ads available to the public, and since they do not erase some of the Ads that they have already listed, a shopper may end up getting information from the wrong Ad. The weekly Ads at Dollar General also tend to be different in some stores. Some stores may have similar offers, whereas there are those stores that may have different offers. The weekly Ads have a lot of content inclusive of images and descriptions of the products that are going to be sold at a discount. You will be able to know the product that you want to buy when you are at the store by looking at these images and reading the descriptions that have been given.

It is also important to note that there are deals on every product that has been listed in the Ad. Most of the time, these deals are prices that have been lowered such that it will be very easy for you to get that item at a lower price. On the pages of the weekly Ads, you will find that there are tips and other details that will make sure that you are aware of all the ways that you can save at the store. Reading these tips is very important because it may inform you about some details that you were not aware of previously regarding the shopping tips that are exclusive to this store. There are very many items that you will find listed in the weekly Ads, all with offers and deals. This ranges from groceries, food items, health and beauty products, pet products, and more. Always make sure to read the terms and conditions also found in the Ad.

Dollar General Weekly Ad previews

If you do not intend to wait all week for the weekly ads to be posted on the Dollar general website so that you can see the deals and offers that are available, then you should look for weekly Ad previews. These are circulars that have been designed to make sure that a shopper has a clear sneak peek of the deals and offers that are going to be available in the coming weeks. The best thing about these previews is that they have been structured to look the same as the weekly Ads.

Hence, when that Ad is posted on the website, it will be very easy for you to locate the products and items that you had budgeted for. Always make sure to locate weekly Ad previews from genuine websites, and one place where you can get this is from the Dollar general website. There is, however, some other websites that offer similar content. One of the things that the store adheres to is to make sure that the sneak peek the shopper has been given is accurate. This means that the information that you will gather will be factual and that it will not be altered.

Dollar General Grocery Ads

It is important to note that at the Dollar General website, you will find that various grocery items have been listed in their weekly Ad circular and flyer. These grocery items are anything that you will need for home. You will find that the grocery Ads that have been listed in Dollar General are very diverse. This means that you get anything at these circulars each week. All you have to do is to look closely at all the pages, and you will easily identify the item that you intended to purchase.

This is also made easier by the images as well as the descriptions that have been given on these items. Also, make sure that you know when these Ads are going to expire from the website. This will make sure that you know when to go to the store as soon as they have been listed on the Dollar general website.

Dollar General Food Ads

Dollar General Food Ads are also found on the weekly Ad circular. These are food items that you can get at prices that are low. Always make sure that you go to the website every other week to look at the food items that are on offer. You can also find these food Ads at the store if you are unable to access their website. Always make sure that you go to the store early enough to get these items.

This is because most of them are in limited quantities, and if you are late, you can find that they are out of stock. For each of these food items, the shopper is provided with an image. This will guide them as to how they can go to the store to look for each of them. You can have a better view of these items on the website by clicking in the images.

Dollar General clothing Ads

Dollar General also makes sure that you can get clothes and apparel for your entire family at very low prices. It can do this by listing various clothing items on the weekly Ad circulars that are for all genders and sizes. The best thing about these clothing Ads is that they are season specific. If it is the cold season, the clothing items on the Ad will be those that can be used for that season, and the same also applies during summer.

The images of these clothes have been given to make it easier to know whether they are as per your likes and preferences. You will also find other descriptions that include the materials and sizes. All these will make sure that you will get the clothing item that suits you. The deals and offers that are on these items are also indicated just next to them.

Dollar General pet products Ads

Dollar General also makes sure that it is very easy for you to take care of your pets at home by making sure that you will get the products that these pets will need at reduced prices. The pet products that have been listed on the weekly Ad circular can be for a variety of animals, but most of the time, these are foods that are mainly dogs and cats. You will find that the pictures of these pet feeds, and products have been provided as well as the details about them.

These details can include flavors, nutritional value, and more. If you want to have a closer look at either of these pet feeds and products, all you have to do is to click on their images, and this will zoom in on the item so that you can learn more about what it entails.

Dollar General Black Friday Ads

There are many deals and offers that Dollar General offers during Black Friday. This is the event of a sale that a lot of people wait for, and this store makes sure not to disappoint their shoppers. This event is advertised on their website as well as in their store. You will find that the onset of this event is a day that has the highest deals and offers. You will find that it is only during Black Friday where you can get a wide range of items that are being sold at less than half of their prices at the store.

Dollar General weekly printable coupons

Finding coupons at Dollar General is very easy because most of these can be found on their website. The perfect way that you can make use of coupons at this store is by making sure that you get those that you can print out. With these types of coupons, you can print them out and then show them to the staff as you check out your purchases. The best thing about looking for and using coupons is that they usually have huge deals and offers, and this means that you will be able to save big every time.

Dollar General Hours

Dollar General has a very great working structure where they offer their shoppers with details of when the stores that are close to them are going to be opened. To find this information, all you have to do is go to the website, locate your store, and then find out more details about it, including the hours when they open and close. However, most of these stores are usually opened as early as 7.00 a.m., and they later close as late as 10.00 p.m. You can enjoy 24 hours shopping of items at the Dollar General official website.

Shopping Tips at Dollar General

Some of the tips to use when you go to Dollar General include:

  • Make sure that you shop for bulk items online because these come with great offers in which the more you buy, the less you will spend. You will also enjoy the delivery.
  • Bring a list with you because the deals and offers at the store may confuse you into getting items that you do not need
  • Go shopping early for seasonal products because they will be cheaper
  • Maximize on getting food items from the store because these usually have the best deals and offers

What is unique about Dollar General?

Dollar General is considered to be a neighborhood store. The reason for this is because it is found in areas where there are no other stores and this mainly in the rural countryside. It is for this reason that it has established dominance in the United States countryside. The mission statement of this store is ‘serving others.' This is a mission statement that resonates well with this store because it is believed to be serving others in terms of providing them with high-quality services and making sure that they get relatively low prices for these items. This store sells products from some of the most reputable brands in the country.

However, it also has its private label that has products that are considered to be of low price but excellent quality. The main reason behind this store is to make sure that a lot of shoppers can experience hassle-free shopping. The only way that they can do this is by making sure that shopping is convenient and that they are offering quality brands at lesser prices. It is one of the stores that make sure that you get all the simple necessities you need for your home without a hassle.