Ocean State Job Lot Weekly Ad, Circulars & Flyers (Dec.2022)

About Ocean State Job Lot

Ocean State Job Lot, which is abbreviated as OSJL, is an American discount retailer that runs its stores in New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The headquarters of this store is in Rhode Island. This store was opened in 1977 by Marc Perlman, Roy Dubs, and Alan Perlman. At the time of being founded, it used to serve as a single store only, but it now serves more than 139 stores across the country. They also have over 5600 associates who also deal in distributing their services across the country. The type of merchandise that this store deals with includes pet supplies, apparel, household products, kitchen pantry products, as well as other seasonal products. Ocean State Job Lot provides their products at a retail cost and quantity, and they usually target household shoppers in their nearby communities. With more than 5600 employees, this store can deliver incredible prices on a wide range of products. Ocean State Job Lot also has an amazing revenue stream that now amounts to over 700 million dollars. This is attributed to how the store has grown over the years to become loves by their shoppers.

Ocean State Job Lot weekly ads

At Ocean State Job Lot, shoppers are allowed to enjoy incredible savings that they can get from the weekly flyer. Inside the weekly flyer, you will get store's items that they are selling at low prices. The weekly flyer can easily be found under the ‘flyer' icon on the ad, and it will give you all the details that you need to know the offers that you will get. The weekly ad circular usually has a menu button that, when you tap on, will show you the dates when the ad will be running for, the name of the store, as well as the shopping list that you will have created. The menu button also means that you can read the categories of the products, and when you choose the categories, you will be a step closer to locating the products you desire to buy. When you browse through the menu icon, you will also get all the store details so that you customize the flyers' location to that of the store where you normally shop. Ocean State Job Lot weekly ads include numerous crazy deals for products such as kitchen accessories, household products, gift wrappings, bird foods, appliances, and more. These crazy deals will allow you to buy those highlighted products at a lower price and choose to see the amount of money you will manage to save. Ocean State Job Lot's weekly ad will also indicate to you other numerous ways that you can become a better shopper in their stores. They do this by offering some pointers at the lower and bottom parts of the flyer. These pointers will inform you about what you are missing by not being a frequent and dedicated shopper at these stores. When you peruse through the weekly flyer, you will note that some of the products that they have provided do not come in the exact same form as laid out in the flyer images. The images are only there to give you a general idea of what it is that you are getting at the given offer price. Even if some products do not come with a discount indicated beside them, you will realize that the price that they are coming with is generally lower than the price they would have normally gotten from the store. The new prices are an indication that by buying more, you will be spending less.

Ocean State Job Lot weekly ad previews

In order to give shoppers something new that they can look forward to besides the weekly special, Ocean State Job Lots also offers weekly ad previews. These previews are usually flyers that will inform the shopper what they should be budgeting for in the coming week. Weekly ad previews do not look any different from the weekly ad, and the reason for this is that they are actually produced in their final state. When finally these ads are posted, they do not have any further details apart from what was indicated before. The weekly preview will show you amazing deals, and you can calculate the amount that you will save. The previews are also very useful in creating a shopping list because they will inform you if there are any products that you can buy this week that will be more expensive in the coming week. It also shows you the products that you can spare to buy from this week's ad as you wait for the following week's ad. Weekly ad previews normally do not come with a name in them, but you can check the top dates for you to know if it is a preview or if it is that week's flyer.

Ocean State Job Lot seasonal product ads

If you are looking to save during any holiday season on the products that would be essential at that time, you should always check out Ocean State Job Lot. This store even has weekly ads for seasonal products when a specific season has already been reached. Seasonal product ads will be spread throughout the entire flyer, and they are in numerous categories; you can find apparels and accessories that you can use to match your clothing and your house with the specific season. Seasonal product ads will go a long way in making sure that as a shopper, you are not held back by your budget when it comes to shopping for product festivities. If you check the flyer, you will identify each of the products there and then read the short notes that they provide for you to be able to relate with it. Some seasonal products are also grouped categorically.

Ocean State Job Lot clothing ads

Ocean State Job Lot is also big on selling clothing materials that can be used in all forms of weather and all seasons. The clothing materials here will include nightwear, footwear, gloves, caps, hats, trousers, and more. Since the clothing is equipped with all the items for both men and women, every shopper can enjoy this section. The clothing ads are also accompanied by the names of the respective brands or designers to only pick those that suit you the best. Sometimes, when it is necessary, Ocean State Lot Jobs will give you the descriptions that show the nature and the make of each of the clothing materials. Most of the time, the clothing ads will only be for products that will best suit a certain form of weather. This is to bring all the products the shoppers really need for that weather closer to them.

Ocean State Job Lot appliance ads

Appliances are a key item that you will also locate at the Ocean State Job Lot weekly ad flyer. Appliances, in this case, include vacuum cleaners, electronic materials, air conditioning materials, and more. The appliance ads usually come with titles and subtitles so that it will be very easy for you to find what you have requested. Because appliances are very specific, you will not just find an image, but you will also find a spec description that tells you exactly how that product will work and how it can best serve your interests. Ocean State Job Lot ads for appliances will also include a variety of all your favorite brands. This goes a long way in guaranteeing that you get what serves you the best. Your selection of appliances should be included in your shopping list so that you can print it and use it when you get these from the store.

Ocean State Job Lot pet supplies ads

Pet supplies can also be located on the Ocean State Job Lot weekly ads. The pet suppliers available on this website include those items that you can use for birds, dogs, cats, and more. Through these ads, you will manage to spend less on all the favorite treats that you have for your pets. The pet supplies can be found on the final pages of the weekly flyer. These pet suppliers will also come with clear images and pictures such that it will be easy for you to find them if you go looking at the store. For the pet supplies, you will find that when you take your cursor to any of the products on the flyer, you will either get to view more details or add that item to your shopping list. You can never know the overall quantity of the supplies in the store, and it is advisable to get to the store early.

Ocean State Job Lot Black Friday ads

Black Friday sales occasion at Ocean State Job Lot is just like any other weekly ad flyer from this store. The major difference is that while the weekly ad may give discounts of up to 30% off, the Black Friday ads can give you even 90% off. This inspires many shoppers to look out for the ads as they usually come after a specified period. Black Friday ads at this incredible store, even though better than other ads, will only benefit a few shoppers because these offers are highly awaited by shoppers who grab them the moment that they are posted.

Ocean State Job Lot weekly printable coupons

You will enjoy incredible chances for you to save when you are using weekly printable coupons. Weekly coupons, in the same manner as the weekly circular, are posted after seven days, and after those seven days are over, they are taken down, and a new ad is posted. These weekly coupons can be printed with your printer and then trim the paper so that it can clearly show the offer and the barcode for that offer. The barcode can be scanned, and then the shopper can pay the residue amount from what has been deducted from the purchase using the coupon.

Ocean State Job Lot hours

Ocean State Job Lot has very friendly operating hours. They always have hours that target all classes of shoppers. Whether you work from home from the office, you can always be guaranteed that their doors will be open when you are free. Their operating hours are always so flexible such that you are assured that when you land at the store, you will have an amazing shopping experience. Ocean State Job Lot shopping hours will always allow your shopping to come first, and you will have the store's wide aisles for you when you pick out your best items.

Ocean State Job Lot shopping tips

The tips that you can use when you are shopping at Ocean State Job Lot include the below:

  • You should always look out for the discounts that are awarded to ex-military people and those who are still actively serving
  • You will always find discounts when you walk into any of the stores, so be sure to check the stickers written on product labels
  • This store accepts manufacturer coupons that they will allow when you are going shopping with them
  • Become a member of this store so that you can discover even more and larger savings deals, coupons, and other opportunities

What is unique about Ocean State Job Lot?

Ocean State Job Lot has uniqueness like no other that you will find in other similar stores in the country. The mission of this unique store has always been to provide its customers with exceptional value to all their purchases. This store sells brand names and a wide range of merchandise that they can enjoy purchasing. This is a working process that has resulted in increased revenues for the stakeholders and associates. This store has always been serving the communities where they are positioned, and they have created better living and working conditions for them. Over the years that Ocean State Job Lot has been operating, they have reached more than one billion dollars in sales, and they are continuing to accrue much more. These stories are governed by strong customer values and policies where they have behaved in an ethical manner with all their customers and employees. The success of this organization has been attributed to how they hold each other close together with their communities, and this has resulted in an increased rate of customer relationships. Ocean State Job Lot stores continue to grow, and they have become recognized by all the relevant stakeholders in the retail industry.