Ollies Weekly Ad, Circulars & Flyers (Dec.2022)

About Ollies

Ollies Bargain Outlet is a chain of discount stores in the United States. This store was started in 1982 by Morton Bernstein and Mark Butler, who came together to bring a store that would sell a wide range of items at incredible discounts. The first Ollies store was opened in Pennsylvania, and it has since extended its operations to other stores. Currently, this store has more than 370 locations, and they have a huge presence in 25 states.

The headquarters of this store have remained to be in their first location, and this is in Harrisburg. Ollies is a public limited company that operates in the retail industry. This means that they sell their items only to the end consumer, and they do not have a wholesale supply section. Ollies deals in selling numerous items that are needed mainly for home purposes. Some of the items that you are going to find here include houseware, groceries, food, health and beauty products, pet supplies, books, toys, and more.

Ollies also have a website where they notify their shoppers about the various deals and offers that may be available. One of the factors behind the success of this store is competitive prices.

About Ollies weekly ads

If you have been going to Ollies frequently to shop, then you definitely know about the weekly ads section on their website. The good thing about this is that this ad is that they are very extensive as to what they can offer. This is because they usually post a lot of items here, and each of these items is sold at a discounted price. It is very easy for you to view the items that have been listed here because every item here has an image, as well as a description that will show you more about every product.

You will find that these flyers are posted here every week. What this means is that you can get new offers each week, and this means that you will have different varieties that you can choose from each week. Weekly ads at Ollies are open to every shopper because the items here do not have restrictions as to the people who can get them. You, therefore, do not need to subscribe to a card or anything similar for you to redeem the Ads.

This, therefore, means that you can just walk into the store that is close to you and get those items that you need. Weekly ads at Ollies are also marked with their respective dates, and this will show you when the ad is going to start and when the ad is going to end. These dates are very important because they will make sure that you remain vigilant when you are going to get the respective items. You are going to notice one major about these weekly ads, and this is the fact that every page carries a new category of items.

This is a feature that you will not find in the weekly ads of other stores. With this division of the items, you will find that it will be very easy for you to get the items that you wanted to purchase. The items that are available here in the weekly ads may not be available in all of the stores, but the offers on each item apply to all of the stores. The other thing that you will note is that for every item, there are detailed descriptions that are going to show you some of the features of the items listed here. Shoppers who use weekly ads at Ollies spend less than those who do not.

About Ollies weekly ad previews

The Ollies weekly ad previews are dealing and offer that is given prior to the dates where they can appear on the website. These previews are posted on the website, and if you do not find them here, you can also get them from other numerous websites in the search engine.

One factor that you should always take into consideration if you want to use these previews is how you can use them to gain numerous benefits. One of the ways that you can use them is to create a shopping list, and the other way that you can use them is for budgeting purposes. As a shopper, you will always be treated to new offers here in the previews, and even though they may be exciting offers, you still cannot use them. You will have to use them as soon as the dates of the Ad are reached.

You can, however, not be able to use the Ads until these dates have been reached, and the Ads have been posted on the website. Weekly ad preview flyers always look the same as the weekly ads, and this makes it easier for you to get the items that are posted here.

About Ollies groceries Ads

You are going to find that Ollies posts a large variety of groceries on their weekly ad pages. The groceries that you will find here are all the essentials that you need for better living at home. These items range from cleaning products, snacks, and so much more. The groceries that are listed on offer are many in terms of the quantities that are made available.

The store does this with the intention of making sure that there are as many shoppers as possible who can get to buy the items that are on offer. The other thing that shoppers need to know about the groceries that are posted here is that they are in their varieties. This means that despite the tastes and preferences of a shopper, they will get the item that will best serve their needs. Groceries placed in the weekly ad are updated every other week. 

About Ollies Food Ads

Most of the food items that you will find posted at the weekly ad circular at Ollies are snacks and cereals. This is to make sure that all of your breakfast or dessert needs are sorted in the most affordable way. There are various varieties of food items you will find at their stores. However, the selection of the items in terms of brands may be different in some stores. You are also going to find that by the use of these weekly ads, you will always have an amazing way in which you can get all the snacks that you need for the entire family.

This is because they have food items that are ideal for every gender. Food items are usually sold in quantities, and this means that you need to purchase the quantities indicated for you to enjoy the great offer. Food Ads are always ideal for all types of shoppers.

About Ollies Kitchenware Ads

You always have a chance of upgrading your kitchen at a much lesser price through the weekly ads. This is through the large number of kitchenware items that are posted here. To be clear, some of the items that are posted here are cookware, blenders, coffee makers, and more.

In addition to this, you will find that the items here may vary in some stores, and some brands may not be available in some of the stores. The other thing that you need to know about these items is that they have clear images that will show you clearly how each one of them looks like. Kitchenware items require that a shopper knows to an extensive detail about every item that has been posted here. To make it easier for the shopper's end, the store makes sure to give articulate features of every item that will tell you more about its components.

About Ollies digital ads

Saving at Ollies only needs that you look extensively at the website on the offers that you can grab and use. Besides the weekly circular, there are also digital ads here at the website that are also going to showcase items that will be sold at reduced prices.

However, digital ads do not look the same as the circular, and there are a lot of differences between these two. One thing that differentiates these digital ads is that they are only a few in numbers. In addition to this, you will find that when a shopper gets to use some of these ads, they may not be available for the next shopper.

This means that they are best suited for those shoppers who are always frequent visitors on the website. Digital ads are also not very helpful to those who love shopping at the store because most of these are found on the website.

About Ollies Black Friday Ads

The other great way in which you can have a chance of enjoying incredible discounts is the use of Black Friday Ads that are posted on a yearly basis. These are ads that are posted during the Black Friday event.

One of the things you will note about the Black Friday sales Ads is that they are not only posted on the website or the store, but other online websites offer the same information. It is during this Black Friday sales event that you will be sure to always enjoying great and incredible discount offers.

About weekly printable coupons

The other incredible way that you can save as a shopper at Ollies is by making sure that you always look out for weekly printable coupons. You will find these coupon offers and deals on the website, and they will always give you a huge chance where you can always enjoy a wide range of deals and offers.

In addition to this, you will always have the option of putting these weekly printable coupons into paper form, and then you can use them next time you are going to get all the essentials that you will need from this store.

Ollies hours

Ollies recently made changes to their operating hours so that they can adhere to the precautions that are needed to avoid the spread of Covid-19. These stores are always opened every day of the week.

From Monday to Saturday, the stores are opened from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. On Sunday, the stores are open from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. in addition to this, the store has set aside different shopping hours for senior citizens. Elderly shoppers would have the first morning hours every day dedicated exclusively to their shopping. In case of changes, Ollies updates the same on the website.

Ollies shopping tips

Some of the shopping tips that you can use at this store include the following:

  • If you are not in a hurry, always make sure that you walk around the store so that you can see to see all the items that have offers
  • If you want to buy holiday items, always make sure that you get then prior to the holidays so that you can enjoy reduced prices
  • Always make sure to check the weekly ads so that you are treated to numerous deals and offers that apply to a wide range of products

What is unique about Ollies?

The various unique factors of Ollies are what that has made this store to become one of the fastest-growing in the country. One of the things you will note is that this store sells a variety of items under their brand name. Their brand items are very competitive in terms of quality, and in addition to this, they are also sold at lower prices.

You are going to love shopping at this store because on every aisle, and you will find items that have offer tags on them. This means that if you have the time to walk around, you can fill your shopping cart or trolley for much less. The motto of this company is ‘good stuff cheap,' and they have done their best to love up to this motto. This is because of their high-quality items sold at affordable prices.

When you go to the Ollies store, you will have fun shopping for the items that you want because you will be on like a treasure hunt. The signage that has been done around the store guides shoppers to sections that have offers, and when on these sections, you will have to look for the individual product.