Safeway Weekly Ad, Circulars & Flyers (Oct.2022)

About Safeway

Safeway is a supermarket chain in the SA that was started in 1915 by Marion Barton Skaggs. This store retails in a variety of products ranging from groceries, food, floral, general merchandise, and more. It prides itself on being a store where you can get almost everything under one roof. Most of the stores of Safeway are located in the western states. Since the first store was opened in Idaho, the location remains to be the parent headquarters of the store. Most of the items that are sold at Safeway are in retail prices. It aims at satisfying the needs of the everyday shopper at an affordable fee.

In 2015, Safeway was acquired by Albertsons, and it now operates as a subsidiary of this store. Safeway has a well-known slogan ‘ingredients for life.' This slogan has helped the store to become one of the leading locations that sell a variety of organic products. In addition to selling products, they make sure that you have a seamless shopping experience at their store. This is because most of the Safeway stores have a Starbucks corner, and each of their sections is well labeled so that shoppers have an easy time finding products.

Safeway Weekly Ads

Safeway has weekly Ads that they display on their website every week. These weekly Ads are designed to make sure that the shopper is capable of spending less when they go shopping at the store every week. In addition to this, you can also get a flyer of the weekly Ads at the store or on other websites online. One thing to note about these weekly Ads is that they are only valid for the days that are indicated on the Ad. Once those days have been completed, the Ad is taken down, and then it is replaced with some new offers for the following week. Most of the time, the weekly Ad is similar in all of the stores. The main content that you will find on the weekly Ads is various products that have been placed for offer. These carry with them many deals that will make sure that the shopper can save some cash.

For each of the item that is listed on the weekly Ad, you will find the offer indicated just below that item. This offer is usually a discount deal, or it can also be a price that is considerably lower than the actual cost that the item is normally sold. To make it clear for the shopper as to which items are on offer, images are given as well as the descriptions. This will make sure that when you go to the store to look for that item, you will have a clear idea as to what you will be searching for. The other content that you will find at the weekly Ads is some tips that will enhance your experience of shopping at Safeway.

These include easy ways that you can contact the store, various avenues where you can shop, applying for the savings card, and even information about some of the event sales at the store. To qualify to redeem the deals and offers that have been made available at the weekly Ads, you will have to accept the various terms and conditions that have been provided. These terms and conditions are listed on the Ad, and you will have to read them so that it is easier for you to know how you can shop by using these weekly Ads. You will find that the weekly Ads also contain several pages with each page containing different products.

Safeway Weekly Ad previews

Safeway Weekly Ad previews offer the shoppers a chance to look at the various products that will be on offer in the coming weeks. They give the shopper a feel of what will be included in the coming week Ads. Either these weekly Ad previews can be gotten from the Safeway website or from other websites online that offer store information. As a shopper, you should always make sure that you get this information from credible sources so that you are not misguided. Weekly Ad previews contain dates that will show you the dates when that Ad will go live on the website.

You cannot purchase any of the products listed on the preview until the week indicated at the top of the preview is reached. You will find that the store does not alter the information that is contained in the previews. They make sure that the shoppers will not be disappointed with a weekly ad that is different from the preview. In addition to this, you will also find that the previews look the same as the weekly Ads. The reason for this is to make sure that as a shopper, you will easily find items at the weekly Ad based on what you saw on the preview.

Safeway grocery Ads

Safeway grocery Ads can be found on various pages of the weekly Ad flyer at the store or the website. One great thing about grocery Ads is that they mainly occupy many pages of the weekly Ads. This means that you can be guaranteed to have a chance where you can save each week on your grocery shopping. The grocery items that are available on the Weekly Ads include essentials that you will need for a better living at home.

The offers that are on these items are usually huge. You will notice that their prices are lower than the prices that these items are sold at other stores. In addition to this, you will also notice that an image and a description of that item are included. The reason for doing this is to help the shopper not to have a difficult time looking for those items at the store.

Safeway food Ads

Food Ads are one of the sections of the weekly Ads that many shoppers look out for. Food Ads contain meat products, fruits, fresh produce, dairy, and more. These items normally cover huge sections of the weekly ad flyer. It is very easy for you to locate the food items that are on the weekly Ad because their images have been provided on the flyer. This is an attribute that will also make sure that it is easy for you to find the item once you are at the store.

You will notice that just next to the images of these food items, more details have been given. Examples of these details include whether or not the item is frozen or chilled as well as the quantity of that item. If there are different flavors and varieties of a given food item, the details are also indicated next to that item.

Safeway health and personal care Ads

Another item that you will find has been given a generous section of the weekly Ad flyer are health and personal care Ads. Most of the time, these Ads are categorized under pharmaceutical products. You will find that the health and personal care items that are listed on the Ad are not gender-specific or age-specific. In addition to this, you will find that most of the time, health and personal care Ads are found in the middle section or the last section of the weekly ad flyer.

The items that fall under this category include deodorants, hair products, skincare products, cosmetics, pain relief creams, and more. You will also find that to know the exact details of the items that are on offer, images have been provided, which are accompanied with other information regarding the name, quantities, varieties, and any other feature that will make it easy for you to differentiate that item at the store.

Safeway equipment Ads

In the last sections of the weekly Ads, you will find various equipment that has been listed together with their deals and offers. These equipment include but are not limited to appliances, furniture, and more. You will find that these items are well labeled with their images and names. In addition to this, you will also find that their descriptive details have been given, which can include their sizes and other specs.

Even though the items that fall under this category are mostly in limited numbers, it will still offer you an avenue where you can save big. Some of the offers that are listed here are huge discount offers, as well as prices that have been lowered considerably. It is also very easy for you to find these items at the weekly Ads because, unlike most of the items, these are placed in a secluded section of the Ad.

Safeway Black Friday Ads

If you are looking for a month where you can spend less for more at Safeway, it is during Black Friday. Safeway is a very active participant in the biggest sales event that occurs yearly. The store advertises their Black Friday deals and offers on their website, and you can also find flyers for the same at the store. During Black Friday, the store puts up a wide range of products on offer. The offers are usually incredible discount offers, flash sales, and very low prices on some items. It is the best time to maximize your savings at the Safeway store.

Safeway Weekly printable coupons

Safeway printable coupons are coupon codes that are offered every week at their website, and a shopper can print them out when going to shop at the store. Shoppers are advised to always look out for these coupons because they carry hefty deals and offers on different items at the store. One factor that the store always insists is that shoppers should look at the coupon policy at the store website before they go shopping. These are policies that govern shoppers on how they can responsibly use weekly printable coupons at the store because there are restrictions regarding couponing.

Safeway Hours

The hours when the Safeway stores are open are different in various stores. However, most of their stores open as early as 8.00 a.m. and close late at 10.00 p.m. To be able to find the exact times when the store that is close to you is going to open and close, you can check at their official website where you can locate your store. If you find the stores closed, you can shop online at the website and then wait for the delivery of your items to be done the following day. The operating hours can also be changed during the holidays.

Safeway shopping tips

Below are some shopping tips to use at Safeway:

  • Fridays are usually the best days to shop at the store because there are various deals and offers on this day.
  • Register for the Club Card if you are a frequent shopper because it will help you to earn points that you can redeem and maximize your savings
  • Go for the Safeway private labels, which are cheaper and of excellent quality
  • If you cannot visit the store, you can shop online at the comfort of your home and the items are mostly delivered on the same day.

What is unique about Safeway?

One of the unique things about Safeway is how they got their name. The name was arrived at to make sure that the store was able to provide a safe avenue where shoppers would pay for their items only in cash to prevent them from falling into debt. In addition to this, Safeway was the first supermarket store to introduce fresh produce in their sections. They did this by not only introducing the pricing of these perishable items but also listing their nutritional values. Meat is one of the best commodities that you can purchase at the store. Their meat section is very active, and this is attributed to the fact that they always make sure to lower the prices of meat products once their sell-by dates are arrived at.

Safeway is a subsidiary of Albertsons, and for this reason, you can find most of their private label products at the Albertsons stores. Most people also love to shop at Safeway because they provide their shoppers with gas discounts based on their shopping history on groceries and pharmaceutical products. The store also has one of the seamless online shopping avenues where shoppers enjoy same-day delivery on their online purchases.