Smith’s Weekly Ad, Circulars & Flyers (Oct.2022)

About Smith's

Smith's Food and Drug is a supermarket chain that was started in 1911 by Lorenzo Smith in Utah. However, this store has become a subsidiary of Kroger, and this has given its name more dominance in the locations that the store is located. As of 2018, this store has a total of 142 locations, which served customers in Utah, Nevada, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Idaho. The headquarters of the company is located in Salt Lake City in Utah.

Smith sells a wide range of products, which range from food items, health and wellness products, household essentials, and so much more. Since Kroger is their parent company, Smith's sells a wide range of products that are under the Kroger's label. This is an aspect that makes it one of the most affordable stores to shop at in the USA. Besides this, the store is among the grocery stores in the USA that offer their shoppers the chance to order for their groceries online. They can do this from Smith's website and also from the App. After successful online shopping, shoppers can pick up their items at the store that they have selected.  In addition to this, Smith's offer their shoppers a chance to subscribe to their reward programs.

About Smith's weekly Ads

The weekly Ads at Smiths are targeted to make sure that shoppers can save big through various deals and offers that are on specific products. These Ads can be found on the official website of Smiths and also on other websites, which offer such information. You will find that the weekly Ads are updated every week, and this means they are valid for a limited period, after which they are taken down and then replaced with new Ads.

In addition to this, weekly Ads can include deals on groceries, foods, beverages, household equipment, and so much more. For each of these items, their image is provided, as well as a description that will help the shopper to identify that product at the store easily. You will also find the offer that is available on that item is listed next to that product so that you can know how much you are going to save on your shopping.

To access the Ads that are available in the store that is close to you, a shopper will have to provide their location first. This is because different stores have different types of weekly Ads available. Once you have provided your location, you will find that the list of different stores will be provided, and you can then choose your preferred store. You will find that it is through the weekly Ads that a shopper can manage to maximize their savings at Smith's.

One thing to note about weekly Ads at Smith's is the fact that they have been well arranged and categorized, and this is to make sure that a shopper can have a better view of the items. You can choose to have a page view, which gives you all the items that are up for offer on one page, or you can choose the item view where you can view the Ad one item after the other. While the weekly Ads are changed one week after the other, you will find that some of the items that are on offer can be repeated the next week. This is especially the case with food Ads and grocery Ads. Weekly Ads at Smiths require that the shopper have a card. This is a membership card at the store that a shopper can easily subscribe to and manage to earn great rewards and points.

Smith's weekly Ad previews

Another way of experiencing the best shopping experience at Smith's is through the use of weekly Ad previews. These are previews that will give the shoppers a sneak peek of the Ads that they are expected to be on the website the week to come. The use of these previews is to make sure that the shopper can have a shopping list that they will use the following week. However, these previews cannot be used for shopping before they are valid on the website.

A shopper can find previews at the official website at Smith's, or they can also find it on other websites online. One of the best things about weekly Ad previews is that they are in the same design and format as the weekly Ads that are already live on the website. This will make sure that once the Ad is live, the user will be able to easily identify the item that was in the weekly Ad previews. The information that is contained in the weekly Ad previews is factual, and it can rarely change. This means that what you will see on offer on the preview is guaranteed to be o offer the following week.

Smith's grocery Ads

Grocery Ads at Kroger can be found at the weekly Ads at the Smiths website and also on other websites that offer sales information. The grocery items that are in the Ad can range from household essentials, snacks, produce, cereals, and so much more. As a way of making it easy for the shopper to identify the product that is in the Ad at the store, the image of that item is given as well as a description of it.

This will ensure that once you are at the store, you can easily locate that item. In addition to this, the offer that is on the product is also given next to the image of that item. This can be a discount offer or any other kind of offer that will make sure that you are shopping for products at a price that is lower than the price that the item normally goes for.

Smith's food Ads

When you go shopping for food at Smith's one is always spoilt for choice as they have a wide range of food items that they sell at their stores. For this reason, a high section of the Weekly Ads is covered with various deals on food items. The food products that are in the Ads can range from meat products, beverages, snacks, dairy products, bakery, and more. For each of these products, their image is provided so that a shopper can recognize the product easily on the website or at the store.

In addition to this, the description of that item is given in terms of size and quantity. You will find the offer that is available for that product is listed next to that item. Most of the offers are price reductions and discount offers. There are also combo offers where the price is lowered when a shopper buys two or more of the same item.

Smith's health Ads

Smith's is famous as a drug store and to help shoppers to spend less in the drug section; the store offers up various health products for an offer on their weekly Ads. These can include offers on multiple supplements and medicines, health and wellness products, and so much more. You will also find that there is no specific section that a health and drug Ad is placed at as it can be anywhere in the weekly ad.

However, it is very easy to spot the item as they most usually have a conspicuous title to them. In addition to this, the shopper can locate the item easily at the store through the images that are provided for those items that are on offer. Some restrictions may restrict a shopper on how they can use weekly Ads to shop for drugs and health products via weekly Ads, and these are also provided.

Smith's household equipment Ads

As a store that dedicates itself in helping customers to maximize their savings in household products, Smith has also dedicated a generous section of their weekly Ad towards household equipment Ads. Some of the items that are in the household equipment Ads include grill equipment, ovens, outdoor living essentials, and so much more. For each of these items, an image is given as well as a description that will allow the shopper to know the specifics of that item before they go shopping for it at the store.

The offer that is on these items can be a discount offer that will lower the price of that item considerably, or it can also be a lowered price. For one to be able to purchase the household equipment that is listed in the weekly Ads, they will need to have a membership card that will help them redeem the offer listed.

Smith's Black Friday Ads

Black Friday is one of the best places in the year that you can save at Smith's. There is usually a wide range of products that are placed up for offer during this time. The best thing about Black Friday is that it comprises a wide range of products, all of which are sold at considerably low prices. The reason for this is to make sure that the user can save even more than 50% off during this season. Black Friday is also a great way that you can enjoy flash sales at mind-blowing prices and offers.

Smith's Weekly printable coupon

The other great way that you can maximize your savings at Smith's is through the use of weekly Printable coupons. These will make sure that your shopping each week is at reduced and better prices. In addition to this, you will find that various restrictions govern how coupons can be used at Smith's, and these restrictions can also be found on the website. You will find that the weekly printable coupons can be used for shopping both at the store and even online at the website. The offers that are available on coupons can be discount offers of prices that are considerably lower.

Smith's hours

In most of their locations, Smiths open their stores at 7 Am and later close at 11 PM. This is to give their shoppers unlimited time where they can go shopping at any time of the day and early in the bight. The times that their stores open can differ from one store to the next, but their websites usually offer their viewers with information regarding various stores. The store may also have different hours for operating during the holidays and on weekends. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the store set aside designated shopping hours that are exclusive to senior citizens.

Smith's shopping tips

Some of the tips that you can use when shopping at Smith's include:

  • Always lookout for the weekly Ads, as this is where you will get access to a wide range of products that are being sold at a discount.
  • Look for coupons, as this is another way that you can be guaranteed that you can maximize your savings.
  • Always go for branded foods as these cost way less than other competing brands, and they are usually of higher quality.
  • Look out for products that are on clearance as these cost way less than those that are not on clearance.

What is unique about Smith's?

One of the best things about Smith's is that when you go shopping there, it is almost the same thing as going shopping at Kroger. This is because they have a vast number of private brands that are owned by Kroger, and this is because the company is a subsidiary of Kroger. This, therefore, makes shopping at the store very cost-friendly because these private brands are usually sold at a cheaper price.

Even though the store is labeled as a food and drug store, there are also other types of products that are sold at the store. They sell everything that you will need in your household ranging from general groceries and other home essentials. This makes it a One-stop store for everything that you may need around your home. Shopping at Smith's is also made easier through the availability of online shopping. This means that shoppers can purchase a wide range of products in the comfort of their homes. You will also find that Smith has a very friendly customer care service. They will ensure that you are at ease when shopping at the store and also help you locate some items that you may have trouble finding.