Toys R Us Weekly Ad, Circulars & Flyers (Dec.2022)

About Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us is an American store that deals in selling clothes, toys, and a wide range of baby products. This retail store is owned by Tru Kids, as well as many other partner brands and retailers. Toys “R” Us was started in April 1948 where the founder, Charles Lazarus, first used it as a furniture store for children's products. Later on, Charles added toys to his product, and that is how this brand grew over time.  For more than 72 years now, this store has been dealing in toys, and they now have over 800 stores in the United States and another 800 stores in other countries. The headquarters of this toy store is found in New Jersey in the New York Metropolitan area. Their presence in neighboring states is also very huge owing to the fact that they have been dominating the toy industry for quite a while, and they are also known as pioneers in the toy retail sector. Even though this company has undergone many financial challenges in recent years, it is still offering the best quality products for children. Toys “R” Us had employed more than 64000 employees, although this number was before they were liquidated.

Toys “R” Us weekly ads

A lot of shoppers are always fascinated with the weekly ads that Toys “R” Us usually offers for the products that they are either choosing to clear or products that shoppers would want to buy at a discount. The weekly ads can be found on the website of this toy store, and they are usually labeled as ‘weekly toy deals'. Every week, you can visit this section of the ad and manage to enjoy the top deals available on the best toys in the market. Whereas a lot of shoppers confuse these items as those that are on the clearance stock, Toys “R” Us can choose to even include the latest toys in the market to attract shoppers to purchase certain brands. The weekly deals from this toy store are grouped into categories that a shopper can easily relate to. For example, if the holiday season, the store will give weekly deals for toys and games that the kids can enjoy playing during that season. When you browse the weekly ad flyer from this store, you get to save through digital coupons, clearance offers, specials, and a lot more. The store usually has a wide range of toy products at their stores, and all of these products will be reflected on the weekly circular. The flyer will carry products that can be used by babies all the way to adolescents. The flyers are not all games and play because they also sell educational materials for children, puzzles, and kids furniture. On overall, the weekly circular will offer incredible money-saving opportunities. In all of the store's departments, you will find popular brands such as Disney, Crayola, Num Noms, Shopkins, and more. On their most amazing weekly ads, you can even find deals that account for even 60% off on your price. If you have a membership card for this store, you can even enjoy more savings and discounts. The weekly flyers at this store are available from a specific date to another date, and these dates will be shown at the top of that weekly ad. You need to ensure that when the weekly ad is posted, you are among the first shoppers to view it so that you can get to pick the best products that carry the highest discount. Save on your favorite brands at Toys “R” Us by choosing to engage with these weekly flyers.

Toys “R” Us weekly ad previews

You can be informed about the best brands that you can save on in the coming weeks by making use of weekly ad previews. The main mission of weekly ad previews is to give you a head start in the coming week's ads. Those shoppers who get a chance to view the previews have an advantage over the other shoppers. Weekly ad previews are not sent to shoppers individually, but rather, they are posted on the website. Some sites may also get hold of these previews and post them on their respective sites. Weekly ad previews normally come with an option for you to look closely at each item so that you can create a clear and comprehensive shopping list. The shopping lists that shoppers create using these previews are usually very useful when you go with them to the store as soon as the respective ad has been declared active on the website. You can, however, crosscheck just in case the store altered any minor detail from the preview. Weekly ad previews at Toys “R” Us cannot be used in any malicious way, such as booking for products or purchasing them even before the weekly special is available to all shoppers.

Toys “R” Us toys ads

Toys “R” Us is known for having one of the largest toy collections in comparison to other toy shops. To make it even better, the store posts a variety of favorite toys on the weekly specials with an amazing savings deal. Sometimes, the Toys “R” Us flyer can include a whole section of your favorite brand toys all in one page so that you do not struggle to pick them out from the pages of the circular. Toys ads are very colorful, with each toy coming with an attached image that will clearly illustrate what the toy looks like or how it functions. On the sides of each of these toys, you will find some notes that give you a general description of the amazing features. The amount you will save or the new price or discount is also boldly indicated on the other side of where the products image is.

Toys “R” Us kids accessories ads

Toys “R” Us do not just focus on the products that can be useful for kids but also those that parents can use to take care of their kids. in the weekly ad flyer, you will get kids accessories such as strollers, bicycles, tricycles, etc. Kids accessories usually come in very large numbers, and they are often accompanied by pictures that will illustrate how each of them can be used. Kids accessories weekly ads usually come after the toys, although they can also be placed at the beginning of the ad if the offer they carry is huge enough. Kids' accessories also include kids' furniture that they can use when they are playing. These can also be found with some spec details written on the side as well as their new offer price. Most of the kids' accessories from Toys “R” Us, just like most products, can be accessed only from the website.

Toys “R” Us learning materials ads

Toys “R” Us is also big in offering discounts on learning materials that the kids can use to enhance their knowledge and practicethe things they have learned in school. The ads for learning materials include products such as writing boards, painting boards, science project materials, and more. Since most of these items can only be purchased online, the store gives you access to images in the flyer that will illustrate, to some extent, how that product can be used and its appearance. The ads for learning materials are not specific to any age because you can find ads for lower and upper grades all the way to adolescent ages. These products are also school friendly because they have features that will match the kids' curriculum in schools. Toys “R” Us learning materials ads may come in different varieties, models, and makes where the price or offer for each one has been given.

Toys “R” Us digital ads

Toys “R” Us usually use digital ads to motivate those shoppers who have never been at this store. The digital ads are not just found on their online site, but they also share the same with other websites that shoppers can easily access. The digital ads are very inviting, given the fact that they can either be an incredible coupon, an amazing discount, free delivery, and more. Most of the digital ads are not specific to certain products because they are more focused towards promoting the store's image and customer relationships. This means that a digital ad will help you save on almost any toy you can find at the store. While some digital ads may expire after a given period, there are those that can last at the website for a long time as a way of motivating new shoppers to start shopping from Toys “R” Us stores.

Toys “R” Us Black Friday ads 

You can expect the Black Friday festivity at Toys “R”Us to include all the amazing offers for your kids. Black Friday usually comes with deals that are heftier as compared to the other sales specials. Black Friday is marked with huge clearance sales, huge discounts, amazing coupon deals, and more. Black Friday ads happen each Friday of when this sales event starts and when it ends. Shoppers who frequent the store regularly can also find banners that advertise some of the offers they should expect during Black Friday. Toys “R” Us store makes Black Friday accessible to every customer.

Toys “R” Us weekly printable coupons

You can find digital coupons at the weekly ad segment of the Toy “R” Us weekly flyer. However, you can also explore the website to find if there are any more coupons that can be used for those shoppers who do not prefer to shop online. The coupons designated for shoppers who prefer going to the store are usually printable so that the cashiers have an easy time scanning them. To scan a coupon, the barcode that you have printed out is run through the price scanner at the counter, and this takes off a given amount from the total amount payable.

Toys “R” Us hours

Toys “R” Us stores usually provide their shoppers with any necessary information about when their stores operate during business hours. Just like most of the stores, the store will be open from as early as 8.00 a.m., and they can stay late until 9.00 p.m. The store business hours are posted at their store locator section on the website, and they will guide you on the times you can go to enjoy the offers from this store. If you cannot squeeze your schedule to fit within this store's business hours, you can choose to carry out your shopping online at the website.

Toys “R” Us shopping tips

If you want to save at Toys “R” Us, these are some incredible tips that you can use.

  • Join the rewards membership program from the store where you will earn one point for every $1 that you spend
  • Subscribe to get alerts on your phone or email whenever there are new deals at the store
  • Always check every week for the weekly special deals that will give you discounts of even 50% off
  • Grab amazing toys being sold at incredibly low prices at their clearance section
  • Apply for coupons that the store can send directly to you for use when you next go shopping

What is unique about Toys “R” Us?

Toys “R” Us is a store loved by kids not just in the United States but also around the globe. This store usually has the best toy brands that you cannot normally get in any other ordinary store. It has a presence in around 35 countries, and this makes it among the leading retailers around the globe that deal with kids' products. Unlike what many people believe, this store does not primarily sell toys. They also have other departments that offer kids apparel, educational materials, and merchandise. In 2019, this store was acquired by Tru Kids Brands, which is in the process of revamping the store to give it a modern and more appealing look. Toys “R” Us is also one of the largest employers in the United States, with over 50000 employees in their retail stores. Even with other competitors sprouting in the industry, Toys “R” Us can still be ranked as the only retailer where you cannot miss your favorite toy brands with some of the largest brands collaborating with the store. Toys “R” Us stores in the United States are in the process of being liquidated, which means that this is the best time to enjoy great offers from this store.